Group leader

Dr. Hartmut Figger 



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Hartmut Figger, Andreas Kiess and Domagoj Pavicic (from left to right), 2002

Former Ph.D students

Dr. Domagoj Pavicic, Ph. D (2004)
Postdoc, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, AMO Group (Prof. Paul B. Corkum)

Dr. Karsten Sändig, Ph.D (2000)
Research Scientist, Dr. Johanes Heidenhain GmbH, Germany

Dr. Christof Wunderlich, Ph.D (1995)
Senior Scientist, Institut für Laser-Physik, Universität Hamburg, Germany

Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle, Ph.D (1986), Postdoc (until 1988)
Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Nobel Prize winner, 2001


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