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Group Seminar


Donnerstags Seminar

Seminar über Laserphysik, Molekül - und Festkörperphysik

Do, 9:30 Uhr s.t.

S = Schellingstr.4, H311
M = MPQ, Hörsaal


Place Date Who Titel
M 27.04.17   Vorbesprechung
B 2.46 am MPQ
S 04.05.17 V. Andreev The Advanced Cold Molecule Electron Electric Dipole Moment (ACME) Experiment
M 11.05.17 Dr. A. Reiserer Research Group Reiserer/G.Rempe Towards Global Quantum Networks
S 18.05.17 G. Vishnyakova Investigation of Cold Thulium Atoms
M 25.05.17   Christi Himmelfahrt
S 01.06.17 L. Knips How to Detect Entanglement?
An Overview
M 08.06.17 J. Weitenberg/
A. Ozawa
Something about Big Lasers involving Large Vacuum Systems
S 15.06.17 Fronleichnam
M 22.06.17 Th. Hümmer Double-resonant Cavity-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanotubes
S 29.06.17 L. Maisenbacher News from the Hydrogen 2s-4p Experiment
M 06.07.17 A. Grinin/
A. Matveev
Electric Fields and Chirp Effects in 1s-3s Experiment
S 13.07.17 P. Freiwang Current Results from the QKD Experiment
M 20.07.17 F. Schmid Cavity Stabilized ECDL for the He+ Experiment
S 27.07.17 Research Group of Professor Alexander Högele Recent Experiments with Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers
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