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Hydrogen Spectroscopy Project

Precision laser spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen and deuterium has long been used to determine physical constants and to test fundamental theories, owing to the simple structure of atoms allowing comparison with precise calculations. We are continuously improving constraints on these tests and shine light on possible discrepancies, such as the proton radius puzzle. At the moment, we are working towards measuring the 2S-6P transition in deuterium which allows for determination of the deuteron radius and further tests of quantum electrodynamics. To reach the required fractional uncertainty of a few parts in 1012 of the transition frequency, a sophisticated control over systematic effects such as quantum interference is required.

PhD thesis: Precision spectroscopy of the 2S-6P transition in atomic deuterium


Master thesis: Polarization-controlled active fiber-based retroreflector for laser spectroscopy of atomic deuterium


Master thesis: Polarization-controlled active fiber-based retroreflector for laser spectroscopy of atomic deuterium

XUV Frequency Comb Project

We aim to perform high precision spectroscopy of He+ ions. Towards this goal we work on the XUV Frequency Comb generation in this project. We are looking for committed students of physics, who want to support our team as work students, Master students or PhD students.
Current projects are:


Bachelor project: Devlopment of low-noise diode lasers.
We offer a project for a Bachelor or Intern student. The goal of this project is to develop a low-noise diode laser system that is suitable for high precision spectroscopy experiments... more


Werkstudenten Stelle: EUV Frequenzkamm für die He+ Spektroskopie... more


Ion trap Project

Current projects are: a master project in precision laser spectroscopy with trapped ions to an interested student, who is wiling to invest a significant effort. The purpose of this experiment is to open a new route for testing quantum electrodynamics by comparing experimental results with theoretical calculations.
Most of the required hardware and many years of experience in this field exists at the Max-Planck institute of quantum optics at Garching. We have an excellent research environment with services and infrastructure support that can considerable speed up experimental work.

Precision Laser Spectroscopy of trapped Lithium Ions to test Quantum Electrodynamics


Real-time dual-frequency-comb Project

We are looking for 3 highly-motivated doctoral students to join our research group.
Three different experimental thesis topics are proposed:
1)Quantum-enhanced frequency-comb interferometry
2)Precision dual-comb spectroscopy of molecules for fundamental tests of physics
3)Frequency-comb-based spectrometer on a photonic chip


Real-time dual-frequency-comb Project

We are looking for highly motivated and reliable candidates who hold a PhD or doctoral degree in experimental physics.The candidates should have a passion for experimental work in atomic, molecular and optical physics.


Quantum Physics, Quantum Information and Communication

We always have interesting bachelor, diploma or master theses, doctoral theses and student assistant jobs in the field of quantum optics, atomic physics and quantum information. more...


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