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Publication 2009

Title: Cavity-enhanced dual-comb spectroscopy
Authors: Bernhardt, Birgitta, Ozawa, Akira, Jacquet, Patrick, Jacquey, Marion, Kobayashi, Yohei, Udem, Thomas, Holzwarth, Ronald, Guelachvili, Guy, Haensch, Theodor W., Picque, Nathalie
Magazine: Nature Photonics 4, 55 - 57, 2009

Title: Ultracold Heteronuclear Fermi-Fermi Molecules
Authors: A.C. Voigt, M. Taglieber, L. Costa, T. Aoki, W. Wieser, T.W. Hänsch, and K. Dieckmann
Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett.102; 020405, 2009

Title: Frequency Metrology on Single Trapped Ions in the Weak Binding Limit: The 3 s1/2 – 3 p 3/2 Transition in 24 Mg +
Authors: M Hermann, V. Batteiger, S. Knünz, G. Saathoff, Th. Udem, and T.W. Hänsch
Magazine: Phys. Rev. Lett. 102; 013006, 2009

Title: Octave-Spanning Supercontinuum in SF6-glass PCF pumped with 20 pJ Pulses at 1 μm
Authors: H. Hundertmark, S. Rammler, P.St. J. Russell, T.Wilken, R. Holzwarth, and T.W. Hänsch
Magazine: Optics Express 17; 1919-1924, 2009

Title: Optical spectroscopy of rubidium Rydberg atoms with a 297 nm frequency-doubled dye laser
Authors: Thoumany, P., Haensch, T., Stania, G., Urbonas, L., Becker, Th
Magazine: OPTICS LETTERS 34; 1621-1623, 2009

Title: Feasibility of coherent xuv spectroscopy on the 1S-2S transition in singly ionized helium
Authors: Herrmann, M., Haas, M., Jentschura, U. D.,Kottmann, F., Leibfried, D., Saathoff, G., Gohle, C., Ozawa, A., Batteiger, V., Knuenz, S., Kolachevsky, N., Schuessler, H. A, Haensch, T. W., Udem, Th.
Magazine: PHYSICAL REVIEW A 79; 052505, 2009

Title: Continuous-wave Lyman-alpha generation with solid-state lasers
Authors: Scheid, Martin, Kolbe, Daniel, Markert, Frank, Haensch, Theodor W., Walz, Jochen
Magazine: OPTICS EXPRESS 17; 11274-11280, 2009

Title: Femtosecond optical frequency combs
Authors: Udem, Th., Holzwarth, R., Haensch, Th.
Magazine: EU. PHYS. JOURNAL-SP. TOPICS; 172 69-79, 2009

Title: Fabry-Perot filter cavities for wide-spaced frequency combs with large spectral bandwidth
Authors: Steinmetz, T., Wilken, T., (Araujo-Hauck, C., Holzwarth, R., Haensch, T. W., Udem, T.
Magazine: AP. PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS 96; 251-256, 2009

Title: Thin-Disk Yb:YAG Oscillator-Amplifier Laser, ASE, and Effective Yb:YAG Lifetime
Authors: Antognini, Aldo, Schuhmann, Karsten, Amaro, Fernando D., Biraben, Francois, Dax, Andreas, Giesen, Adolf, Graf, Thomas, Haensch, Theodor W., Indelicato, Paul, Julien, Lucile, Kao, Cheng-Yang, Knowles, Paul E., Kottmann, Franz, Le Bigot, Eric, Liu, Yi-Wei, Ludhova, Livia, Moschuering, Niels, Mulhauser, Francoise, Nebel, Tobias, Nez, Francois, Rabinowitz, Paul, Schwob, Catherine, Taqqu, David, Pohl, Randolf
Magazine: IEEE J. OF QUANTUM ELEC. 45; 983-995, 2009

Title: Coherent manipulation of Bose-Einstein condensates with state-dependent microwave potentials on an atom chip
Authors: Boehi, Pascal, Riedel, Max F., Hoffrogge, Johannes, Reichel, Jakob, Haensch, TheodorW., Treutlein, Philipp
Magazine: NATURE PHYSICS 5; 592-597, 2009

Title: High Resolution Wavelength Calibration: Advancements with the Laser Frequency Comb Development
Authors: A. Manescau, C. Araujo-Hauck, L. Pasquini, M.T. Murphy, Th. Udem, T.W. Hänsch, R. Holzwarth, A. Sizmann, H. Decker, S. D'Odorico)
Magazine: Workshop Science with the VLT in the Elt Era, Book Series: Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings, 411-413 (2009)

Title: Extreme Ultraviolet Frequency Combs for Spectroscopy
Authors: A. Ozawa, M. Herrmann, A. Vernaleken, Ch. Gohle, B. Bernhardt, T. Wilken, W. Schneider, P. V. Welter, S. Knünz, V. Batteiger, R. Holzwarth, E. Peters, S. Reinhardt, T. W. Hänsch, T. Udem
Magazine: Proceedings of the 7th Symposium Frequency Standards & Metrology, 271-279 (2009)

Title: Phase-stable single-pass cryogenic amplifier for high repetition rate few-cycle laser pulses
Authors: Ozawa, Akira, Schneider, Waldemar, Haensch, Theodor W., Udem, Thomas, Hommelhoff, Peter
Magazine: NEW JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 11; 083029, 2009

Title: Precision spectroscopy of the 3s-3p fine-structure doublet in Mg+ Authors: Batteiger, V., Knuenz, S., Herrmann, M., Saathoff, G., Schuessler, H. A., Bernhardt, B., Wilken, T., Holzwarth, R., Haensch, T. W., Udem, Th.
Magazine: PHYSICAL REVIEW A 80; 022503, 2009

Title: Sub-Doppler laser spectroscopy on relativistic beams and tests of Lorentz invariance
Authors: Novotny, C., Huber, G., Karpuk, S., Reinhardt, S., Bing, D., Schwalm, D., Wolf, A., Bernhardt, B., Haensch, T. W., Holzwarth, R., Saathoff, G., Udem, Th., Noertershaeuser, W., Ewald, G., Geppert, C., Kuehl, T., Stoehlker, T., Gwinner, G.
Magazine: PHYSICAL REVIEW A 80; 022107, 2009

Title: Implementation and characterization of a stable optical frequency distribution system
Authors: Bernhardt, Birgitta, Haensch, Theodor W., Holzwarth, Ronald
Magazine: OPTICS EXPRESS 17; 16849-16860, 2009

Title: A phonon laser
Authors: Vahala, K., Herrmann, M, Knuenz, S., Batteiger, V., Saathoff, G., Haensch, T. W., Udem, Th.
Magazine: NATURE PHYSICS 5; 682-686, 2009

Title: Efficient 494 mW sum-frequency generation of sodium resonance radiation at 589 nm by using a periodically poled Zn:LiNbO3 ridge waveguide
Authors: Nishikawa, Tadashi, Ozawa, Akira, Nishida, Yoshiki, Asobe, Masaki, Hong, Feng-Lei, Haensch, Theodor W.
Magazine: OPTICS EXPRESS 17; 17792-17800, 2009

Title: Spectroscopy of rubidium Rydberg states with three diode lasers
Authors: Thoumany, P., Germann, Th., Haensch, T., Stania, G., Urbonas, L., Becker, Th.
Magazine: JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS 56; 2055-2060, 2009


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