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Other Training Opportunities

Picture: Laser lab insight.

Other training opportunities include group seminar, institutional seminars and colloquia or workshops that are organized within the framework of the Excellence Cluster MAP. As one example, the MPQ-LMU-TUM Laboratories for Attosecond Physics, LAP (consisting of over 100 members) have a weekly group meeting in which many of the IMPRS students participate and give presentations. Similarly these students also attend the annual LAP meeting again fostering their interactions. Other important examples are MAP seminars that take place at LMU, TUM or MPQ. These seminars are typically given by external, international speakers. Within this framework, top researchers from the field of photonics can be invited to give presentations and scientific discussions and be available for laboratory visits, where students present their research. These activities enhance the international visibility of the IMPRS and MAP students and also provide them the opportunity to start establishing their own scientific network.

The Graduate Center-LMU provides additional support for PhD and postgraduate students at the LMU. It provides students and postgraduates with information about all aspects of studying for a PhD at LMU Munich. In addition, a broad range of transferable skills training events is offered for doctoral students. For professors and program coordinators advice and support in the planning and implementation of structured PhD programs is provided.