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Credit Point System

In total, you need 6 credit points (CP) over the course of your PhD studies in order to obtain a certificate.

One credit point can be earned by:

  • attending a semester-long lecture course that is relevant to IMPRS-APS (here is the list of current lectures.);
  • attending all the lectures in a week-long lecture block (Blockvorlesung) organized by IMPRS-APS;
  • making an oral presentation at an international conference or summer school (at most 2 CPs can be earned this way);
  • attending ≥80% of the Maiman seminars during your PhD.

At least 3 credit points must come from lectures. If you wish to attend a lecture course that is not listed on the IMPRS-APS website, please send us an email (BEFORE the lecture starts) with the course description and a few sentences explaining why it suits your scientific goals.

Please note that you will not receive a credit point for soft skill courses; however, you will get a certificate for each such course that you successfully complete.