Research Area and Experience

Quantum information processing based on linear optics

         Multi-photon entanglement: manipulation and application

Quantum communication based on linear optics and atomic ensembles

         Quantum memory: long distance quantum communication

Quantum simulation with ultra-cold atoms

         Optical lattices: quantum many body systems


Yuao Chen

Yu-Ao Chen

April 9th, 1981


Qidong, Jiangsu, 
P. R. China

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Contact Info
Email: YuAoChen AT USTC.EDU.CN
Tel: (+86)-21-6812-0512
Fax: (+86)-21-6812-0144
    Shanghai Branch 
    Natl Lab. for Phys. Sci. at Microscale
    Uni. of Sci. and Tech. of China
    Xiupu Road 99
    201315 Shanghai, P. R.


National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale

University of Science and Technology of China


Quantum optics




Ph.D. Reveived on Jan 2008
Physikalisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg

Dissertation title: Quantum Manipulation of Photons and Atoms (PDF)

M.Sc., Received on July2004
Dept. of Dept. of Mod. Phys., Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China (USTC)
Dissertation title: Experimental Multi-photon Entanglement and its Application

B.Sc., Received on July, 2002
Dept. of Special Class for the Gifted Young, USTC

Thesis: Transformation of Optical States Through Linear Systems

Honors, Awards and Scholarships

1998   Absolute winner, Gold Medal & First prize in experimental
           competition in 29th International Physics Olympiad

1998   Outstanding New Student Award, Grade 1

1999   Outstanding Student Scholarship, Grade 1

2001   Outstanding Student Scholarship, Grade 2

2002   Guanghua Education Scholarship

2003   Huawei Scholarship

2004   President Scholarship of Chinese Academy of Science

2005   Eliteförderung der Deutsche Telekom Stiftung (3 years)

2006   Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed
           Students Abroad

My Honey

Yan-Nan Zhu

Age: 26 years old

Birthday: Sep. 27th

Wedding date:

      Sep. 27th 2006