OPTOCAD:   Tracing Gaussian TEM00 beams through an optical set-up

OptoCad_0.94a.zip Source code, documentation, examples and install scripts.
INSTALL Installation guide for Linux/Unix, Mac OSX and Windows.
README Some general information.
CHANGES List of (recent) changes.
optocad-mode.el Emacs/XEmacs major mode for editing .ocd files.
The file OptoCad_0.94a.zip contains the version 0.94a of OPTOCAD. It consists of the directory OptoCad_0.94 containing the respective source files, utility and plot routine packages, install scripts for Linux/Unix/Mac-OSX and for MS-Windows, and the two subdirectories docu and examples. Please have a look at the files README and INSTALL.

docu contains the user's guides for OPTOCAD, RSUTIL and RSPLOT and quick reference sheets (2 pages) for OPTOCAD, RSPLOT and RSUTIL as PDF versions, and the file OC_CHANGES. The user's guides also give some hints for the compilation.

examples contains a certain number of examples for the use of OPTOCAD. There are examples for various optical cavities, interferometers, optical modulators, the use of diffraction gratings, and the stepwise display of ray segments traced by OPTOCAD.