ECT* Workshop on the "Proton Radius Puzzle"

October 29 to November 2 in Trento, Italy.


ECT* web site and Poster


  • Sunday Oct. 28: informal "get acquainted dinner"
  • Talks start Monday morning and run until Friday at lunch

Accomodation will be reserved for you by ECT*, based on the information you submitted on registration.


Book of Abstracts

Schedule (modified Oct. 31)


Conference Photo

Report for the ECT* Annual Report (NEW!)

More information can be found on the ECT* web site, where Information for Visitors in the top right corner tells you e.g. how to get to ECT*:
Going to ECT* from Trento (brief version): From Trento you can take the #6 bus to Villazano and get off at Villa Tambosi. From the train station, take the bus from the stop across the square in front of the station, since the stop at the station goes in the wrong direction.

Organized by
Ronald Gilman, Rutgers
Gerald A. Miller, Washington
Randolf Pohl, Garching