Project QSIM:

Quantum Simulations with trapped atomic ions

Demonstration of optical ion trapping and quantum simulations in ion traps: e.g. simulating a "quantum phase transition" or a "quantum walk".

PICC project progress

Dipole Trap for Ions Quantum Walk Quantum Phase Transition


  • First optical dipole trap for ions
  • (radial) handling up to 5 ions
  • (radial) phase gate operations
  • Quantum Walk of an ion
  • Simulating the quantum magnet
  • (axial) phase gate operations

Details and further reading

Project TIAMO:

Single molecule imaging: Loading, trapping and sympathetic laser cooling of (internally cold) orientated molecular ions to study fast dynamical changes triggered by femto-second laser pulses via electron/X-ray scattering.

Experimental progress
A simple introduction (german)



  • actually: Merging the experimental setups
  • In parallel: set up of Electro Spray Ionization (ESI) source
  • Transfer of experimental setup to the MAP* beam line

Details and further reading

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