Selected Publications:

A.J.Kemp, Magnetized Cylindrical Implosions Driven by Heavy Ion Beams, PhD thesis, TU München (2001) (also available as MPQ Report 261)

A.Kemp, M.Basko, J. Meyer-ter-Vehn, Ignition conditions for magnetically ins, Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 410, xxx (2001)

A.Kemp, J. Meyer-ter-Vehn, and S.Atzeni Stagnation pressure of imploding shells and ignition energy scaling of ICF targets, Phys.Rev.Lett. 86 (15), 3336 (2001)

S.Kuhlbrodt, R.Redmer, A.Kemp, J.Meyer-ter-Vehn, Conductivities in Hot Aluminium Plasma, Contrib. Plasma Phys. 41 (2001)1, 3-14

A.Kemp, M.Basko, and J.Meyer-ter-Vehn, Ignition conditions for magnetically insulated tamped ICF targets in cylindrical geometry, Nuc.Fusion 41 (2), 235 (2001)

C.Cereceda, C. Deutsch, M. De Peretti, M. Sabatier, M.M. Basko, A. Kemp, J. Meyer-ter-Vehn,

Kinetic theory of alpha particles production in a dense and strongly magnetized plasma, Phys. Plasmas 7, 11 (2000)

M.Basko, A.Kemp, and J.Meyer-ter-Vehn, Ignition conditions for magnetized target fusion in cylindrical geometry, Nuc.Fusion 40(1), 59 (2000)

A.Kemp, J.Meyer-ter-Vehn, Das Zustandsgleichungs-Modell QEOS für heiße dichte Materie, Diplomarbeit, TU München (1998) (also available as MPQ Report 266)

A.J. Kemp, J. Meyer-ter-Vehn, An equation of state code for hot dense matter, based on the QEOS description,
Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 415, 674 (1998)

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