MPQeos - An Equation of State Code for Hot Dense Matter

MPQeos is a computer program that generates tabulated equations of state for hot dense matter, based on the published equation of state (EOS) model QEOS [1]. It has been developed at MPQ Garching, and is publicly available ( get it here ).
The QEOS model describes the equation of state of any material in a wide range of densities and temperatures by means of the Thomas-Fermi equation of state for the electrons, plus a semi-empirical part for the ions. Our aim is to make the code available to all those using EOS in the context of the interpretation of shock wave experiments, or simulations of hot dense plasma. In Germany, these are mainly the Laser-Plasma group at MPQ Garching and the Heavy Ion Plasma group at GSI (Gesellschaft für Schwerionenforschung ), Darmstadt.

Gold Hugoniot


Figure: Principal Hugoniot curve of Gold, here the shock pressure vs. particle velocity, as measured experimentally at the Asterix laser at MPQ, Garching [2] (indicated by symbols), and results of the SESAME tabulated equation of state, compared with MPQeos results (indicated by lines). [The principal Hugoniot curve connects states of the material behind shock waves of increasing strength.]

[1] A. Kemp and J. Meyer-ter-Vehn, An equation of state code for hot dense matter, based on the QEOS description, Nucl. Instrum. Methods A 415, 674-76 (1998)

[2] A. Benuzzi et al, Equation of state data for gold in the pressure range <10Tpa, Phys Rev B61, 9287 (2000)

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