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A How-to for the MPQ Theory Group

Housing in Munich and Garching


Doctors, Insurance, Telephone, Utilities


Survival (in Garching)

  • Pizza Delivery Services that deliver to MPQ (please add more and add ratings ;-)
    • La Pergola, (Garching, Tel: 089/3261899)
    • Pizza Taxi (Garching, Tel: 089/3262175 (or -76))
    • Pizza Delfino (Eching, Tel: 089/31859697, minimum order: 14EUR)
  • For more restaurants click here
  • Honghong, Bürgerplatz, Tel. 0176 31393203
  • SB Waschsalon Garching: Niels-Bohr-Strasse 11, Tel.: (089) 32668242
  • Autovermietung Garching: Sixt Autovermietung, Gutenbergstrasse 4, Garching-Hochbrück, Tel.: +49-1805-252525
  • a searchable list of shops and companies in Garching Gewerbeportal Garching

Living & Leisure

Moving / Umzug

  • GLS delivers parcels around the world. Useful for moving in and out of Germany.

Other useful Links

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