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Theory Group Meeting at Ringberg Castle 2007

Ringberg Castle in winter
Ringberg Castle in winter

Dec 9th - 12th at Ringberg Castle.

Getting there

Ringberg is easy to reach by train (<1h from Munich main station, leaves every hour at hh:42h from platform 27 to 36) or by car.

Please communicate to Verena if you need or can provide transportation.

Responsible for the program are Tommaso and Geza.


MPQ Theory Group Ringberg Meeting 2007 -- Participants
Miguel Aguado Tassilo Keilmann Marco Roncaglia Toby Cubitt (Bristol)
Mari Carmen Banuls Eric Kessler Tommaso Roscilde Jose Maria Escartin (Barcelona)
Oliver Buerschaper Christina Kraus Mikel Sanz Klemens Hammerer (Innsbruck)
Henning Christ Lucas Lamata Roman Schmied Barbara Kraus (Innsbruck)
Ignacio Cirac Christian Mendl Heike Schwager Sheila Lopez-Rosa (Granada)
Maria Eckholt Valentin Murg Norbert Schuch Enrique Solano (München)
Geza Giedke Sébastien Perseguers Ines de Vega Geza Toth (Barcelona)
Phillip Hauke Diego Porras Karl Vollbrecht Frank Verstraete (Wien)
Birger Horstmann Matteo Rizzi Michael Wolf


standard Ringberg:

[Still preliminary, but detailed Program] (pdf, 300K) (a wiki-version which contains the updates/corrections you sent us is found below)

Program of the MPQ Theory Group Ringberg Meeting 2007
Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
09:00 - 10:30 Quantum Simulation I Quantum Channels I Quantum Phase Transitions
10:30 - 11:00 coffee break coffee break coffee break
11:00 - 12:30 Quantum Simulation II Quantum Metrology I Highlights of the Topology workshop
12:30 - 14:00 lunch break lunch break lunch break
14:00 - 15:30 Quantum Simulation III <free for discussion or 4th TQC> departure
15:30 - 16:00 coffee break coffee break
16:00 - 17:30 opening session Quantum Simulation IV Quantum Metrology II
18:30 - 19:30 dinner dinner dinner
SUNDAY, Dec. 9th

Opening session: Ignacio Cirac, chair
16:00 Barbara Kraus (40+5 mins.)
16:45 Frank Verstraete (40+5 mins.)
19:30 dinner at [Hotel Wiesseer Hof]
MONDAY, Dec. 10th

Mini­symposium: Quantum simulations and quantum simulators - Where do we stand?
Quantum simulations (I): Ines de Vega, chair
09:00 Roman Schmied (30+5 mins.): "Fundamentals"
09:35 Diego Porras (30+5 mins.): "Trapped ions"
10:10 Tommaso Roscilde (30+5 mins.): "Cold atoms"
10:45 - ­11:15 Coffee break
Quantum simulations (II): Maria Eckholt, chair
11:15 Ines de Vega (30+5 mins.): "Probing many body states of atoms in a lattice"
11:50 Matteo Rizzi (30+5 mins.): "Solid­state implementations"
12:30 - ­14:00 Lunch Break

Quantum simulations (III): Roman Schmied, chair
14:00 Maria Eckholt (20+2 mins.): "Pair condensation of bosonic atoms induced by optical lattices"
14:22 Birger Horstmann (20+2 mins.): TBA 
14:44 Valentin Murg (20+2 mins.): TBA
15:12 Tassilo Keilmann (20+2 mins.): "Dynamical creation of bosonic Cooper-like pairs"
15:30­ - 16:00 Coffee Break
Quantum simulations (IV): Tommaso Roscilde, chair
16:00 Norbert Schuch (30+5 mins.): TBA
16:35 Karl ­Gerd Vollbrecht (30+5 mins.): TBA   
17:10 Mari­Carmen Banuls (30+5 mins.): "Adiabatic quantum evolution"
17:45? open discussion
TUESDAY, Dec. 11th

Quantum channels: Jose ­Maria Escartin, chair
09:00 Michael Wolf (30+5 mins.): "Quantum Channels - A guided tour"
09:35 Toby Cubitt (30+5 mins.): "Recent results on (non-)additivity"
10:10 Christian Mendl (20+5 mins.): "Unital quantum channels "
10:35 Mikel Sanz (20+5 mins.): "From covariant channels to symmetric states"
11:00 - ­11:20 Coffee break
Quantum  metrology (I): Enrique Solano, chair
11:20 Geza Giedke  (30+5 mins.): tba
11:55 Christine Muschik (20+2 mins.): "Quantum precision enhancement"
12:30­ - 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00­ - 15:00  Free session:  topology, fussball, sleeping, whatever....  
Quantum metrology (II): Barbara Kraus, chair
15:00 Eric Kessler (20+2 mins.): "Spin squeezing" 
15:25 Geza Toth (30+5 mins.): "Spin squeezing and Entanglement"
16:00 Henning Christ (20+2 mins.): "Quantum Metrology in the presence of decoherence" 
16:22 Lucas Lamata (20+2 mins.): "Quantum clock synchronization"
16:44 Surprise speaker 

 WEDNESDAY, Dec. 12th

Quantum Phase Transitions: Geza Toth, chair
09:30 Marco Roncaglia (60+10 mins.): Fundamentals
10:40 - ­11:30 Coffee break
A taste of parallel Ringberg: Toby Cubitt, chair
11:30 - ­12:30 Miguel Aguado: "Overview of the topology symposium"
12:30 - ­14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Departure

parallel Ringberg:
Fourth Mini-Symposium on Topological Quantum Computation.
Ringberg Castle, December 10-11, 2007

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