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2nd Kavli-MPQ Workshop


Thursday, June 12th Friday, June 13th
9:15 Alejandro González Tudela (MPQ - Cirac): Nanophotonics for Quantum Simulation and Information 9:15 Machiel Blok (Kavli - Hanson): Manipulating a qubit through the backaction of sequential partial measurements and real-time feedback
9:50 Daniel Szombati (Kavli - Kouwenhoven): Detecting Majorana fermions in InSb nanowires 9:50 Andreas Reiserer (MPQ - Rempe): A quantum gate between a flying optical photon and a single trapped atom
10:25 coffee break 10:25 coffee break
10:55 Önder Gül (Kavli - Kouwenhoven): Optimizing induced superconductivity in InSb nanowires 11:00 Bernard van Heck (Kavli - Akhmerov): Breaking time-reversal symmetry and switching fermion parity with superconducting phase differences
11:30 Ulrich Schneider (MPQ - Bloch): Observing the topology of a Dirac cone with a geometric Ramsey interferometer 11:35 Francesco Scazza (MPQ - Bloch): Spin exchange interactions in a two-orbital Ytterbium quantum gas
12:05 Toivo Hensgens (Kavli - Vandersypen): Towards designer quantum butterflies in solid state 12:10 lunch (IPP)
12:40 lunch (IPP) lunch (IPP)
14:00 Tim Baart (Kavli - Vandersypen): Multi-qubit read-out of spin qubits in GaAs and progress towards multi-qubit operations 13:30 Stefano Poletto (Kavli - DiCarlo): Progress toward bit-flip error correction with a five-qubit superconducting processor
14:35 Martin Schütz (MPQ - Cirac): Quantum ``Optics┬┤┬┤ in Solid-state Nanostructures 14:05 Stephan Dürr (MPQ - Rempe): Single-Photon Transistor Based on Rydberg Blockade
15:10 Bas Hensen (Kavli - Hanson): Towards a loophole-free Bell test with spin qubits in diamond 14:40 coffee break
15:45 coffee break 15:00 lab tour (Bloch / Rempe)
16:00 poster lab tour (Bloch / Rempe)
poster 16:00 departure to airport
17:15 football match @ IPP
football match @ IPP
20:00 dinner Neuwirt Garching
Final Program (June 10th) (pdf)
List of Participants (June 10th) (pdf)
Some useful maps (pdf)