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CV-QIP'10: 7th Workshop on Continuous-Variable Quantum Information Processing

When: June, 11-14, 2010

Where: Haus der Bayerischen Landwirtschaft, Herrsching (Ammersee)

Who: Members of the COMPAS collaboration and guests.

Invited Speakers


The Complete Final Program as pdf and the short version

Invited Talks

  • Markus Aspelmeyer (IQOQI Vienna): tba
  • Marco Bellini (INOA Florence): Manipulating light states by single-photon addition and subtraction
  • Fabrizio Illuminati (Universita di Salerno): Quantum information, quantum communication, and entanglement transfer with Gaussian and non-Gaussian resources
  • Peter van Loock (MPL Erlangen): Continuous-variable graph states: characterization and applications
  • Olivier Pfister (University of Virginia): Multipartite continuous-variable quantum information with a single optical parametric oscillator
  • Tim Ralph (University of Queensland, Brisbane): Distillation, Error Correction and QKD
  • Tobias Schätz (MPQ Garching): Phase Space Gymnastics with Trapped Ions
  • Roman Schnabel (Leibniz Universität Hannover): Squeezed Light for Gravitational Wave Detection and other Experiments
  • Michael Wolf (NBI Copenhagen): tba

Contributed Talks

  • Ulrik Andersen (DTU Lyngby): Continuous variable processing with coherent states of light
  • Jürgen Appel and Jonathan Bohr Brask (NBI Copenhagen): Macroscopic atomic superposition states for hybrid quantum repeaters
  • Nicolas Cerf (UL Brussels): Information transmission in Gaussian quantum channels: a quantum analogue of Shannon's "water-filling" solution implies that input entanglement may help to exploit the channel memory
  • Jens Eisert (U Potsdam): Directly estimating non-classicality and other ideas of quantum system identification
  • Alessandro Ferraro (ICFO Barcelona): Continuous variables in many-body physics: entanglement and thermodynamics in harmonic lattices
  • Jaromir Fiurasek (PU Olomuc): Engineering quantum operations on traveling light beams
  • Philippe Grangier (CNRS Paris-IO): Information processing with continuous variables
  • Natalia Korolkova (U St. Andrews): Entanglement Concentration and Measurement-Based Computing with Atomic Ensembles
  • Julien Laurat (Paris-ENS): Quantum memory and repeater architecture in the CV regime
  • Christoph Marquardt (FAU Erlangen): Nonclassical light sources for quantum information processing
  • Christine Muschik (MPQ Garching): Dissipatively driven entanglement of two macroscopic atomic ensembles


  • Daems (UL Brussels): Spatial multipartite entanglement and localization of entanglement
  • Gabriel (Erlangen): Hybrid-Entanglement in Continuous Variable Systems
  • Garcia-Patron (MIT Cambridge): Towards the Entanglement of Formation of two-mode Gaussian States
  • Kohler (MPQ Garching): Using feedback for entanglement generation
  • Krauter (NBI Copenhagen): Storage of two-mode squeezed light into a quantum memory
  • Laghaout (DTU Lyngby) Measuring non-locality of the W state using different detectors
  • Madsen (DTU Lyngby) Entanglement based continuous variable quantum key distribution
  • Mandilara & Karpov (UL Brussels): Extended uncertainty relations for mixed states
  • Marek (PU Olomuc): Noise-powered amplification of light and other stories
  • Milne (U St Andrews): Generation of continuous variable atomic cluster states by QND measurements
  • Müller (Erlangen): Noise-powered amplification of phase information
  • Pflanzer (MPQ Garching): Quantum Optomechanics with Nano-dielectrics: Theory and Protocols
  • Renema (NBI Copenhagen): Entanglement-assisted atomic clock beyond the projection-noise limit
  • Schäfer & Karpov (UL Brussels): General solution to the capacity of the Gauss-Markov bosonic channel
  • Scherman (CNRS Paris-ENS): Quantum memories for continuous variable of light - An experimental and theoretical study of EIT in hot atomic vapors
  • Tatham (U St. Andrews): Entanglement Concentration for Macroscopic Atomic Ensembles
  • Tipsmark (DTU Lyngby) Towards the generation of a large optical cat state
  • Wittmann (Erlangen): Discrimination of Optical Coherent States: Outperforming the Standard Quantum Limit
  • N.N. (CNRS Paris-IO): Implementation of a non-deterministic optical noiseless amplifier
  • N.N. (CNRS Paris-IO): Multimode model for projective photon-counting measurements
  • Blandino (Paris): tba


  • Antonio Acin (ICFO Barcelona)
  • Ulrik Andersen (DTU Lyngby)
  • Leandro Aolita (ICFO Barcelona)
  • Jürgen Appel (NBI Copenhagen)
  • Marco Barbieri (CNRS Paris-IO)
  • Remi Blandino (CNRS Paris-IO)
  • Jonathan Bohr Brask (NBI Copenhagen)
  • Nicolas Cerf (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • J. Ignacio Cirac (MPQ Garching)
  • David Daems (ULB)
  • Jens Eisert (U Potsdam)
  • Dominique Elser (U Erlangen)
  • Alessandro Ferraro (ICFO)
  • Franck Ferreyrol (CNRS Paris-IO)
  • Jaromir Fiurasek (Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci)
  • Christian Gabriel (U Erlangen)
  • Raul Garcia-Patron (MIT)
  • Elisabeth Giacobino (CNRS Paris-ENS)
  • Geza Giedke (MPQ)
  • Philippe Grangier (CNRS Paris-IO)
  • Miroslav Jezek (U Olomuc)
  • Evgueni Karpov (ULB)
  • Konrad Kieling (U Potsdam)
  • Friedrich Koenig (U St. Andrews)
  • Dominic Kohler (MPQ)
  • Natalia Korolkova (U St. Andrews)
  • Hanna Krauter (NBI Copenhagen)
  • Amine Laghaout (DTU)
  • Julien Laurat (CNRS Paris-ENS)
  • Gerd Leuchs (MPL and U Erlangen) [tbc]
  • Anthony Leverrier (ICFO)
  • Lars S. Madsen (DTU)
  • Aikaterini Mandilara (ULB)
  • Petr Marek (Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci)
  • Darran Milne (U St. Andrews)
  • Oxana Mishina (CNRS Paris-ENS)
  • Christian Müller (Erlangen)
  • Christine Muschik (MPQ)
  • Takafumi Nakano (U St Andrews)
  • Matthias Ohliger (U Potsdam)
  • Anika Pflanzer (MPQ)
  • Eugene Polzik (NBI Copenhagen)
  • Jelmer Renema (NBI Copenhagen)
  • Augusto Roncaglia (ICFO)
  • Joachim Schäfer (ULB)
  • Michael Scherman (CNRS Paris-ENS)
  • Richard Tatham (U St. Andrews)
  • Anders Tipsmark (DTU)
  • Rosa Tualle-Brouri (CNRS Paris-IO)
  • Christoffer Wittmann (Erlangen)
  • Dmitry Yudin (MPQ)

How to get there

History and Funding

The workshop is part of the CV-QIP series that started 2002 in Brussels.

The workshop is organized by the COMPAS project whith funds provided by the European Union within the Seventh Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission, under the FET-Open grant agreement number 212008.