Stroboscopic quantum optomechanics

Matteo Brunelli, Daniel Malz, Albert Schliesser, and Andreas Nunnenkamp
Physical Review Research 2, 023241   Published 2020


We consider an optomechanical cavity that is driven stroboscopically by a train of short pulses. By suitably choosing the interpulse spacing we show that ground-state cooling and mechanical squeezing can be achieved, even in the presence of mechanical dissipation and for moderate radiation-pressure interaction. We provide a full quantum-mechanical treatment of stroboscopic backaction-evading measurements, for which we give a simple analytic insight, and discuss preparation and verification of squeezed mechanical states. We further consider stroboscopic driving of a pair of noninteracting mechanical resonators coupled to a common cavity field, and show that they can be simultaneously cooled and entangled. Stroboscopic quantum optomechanics extends measurement-based quantum control of mechanical systems beyond the good-cavity limit.